• Marco Peréz Salinas Facultad de Ciencias Agropecuarias, Universidad Técnica de Ambato, Cantón Cevallos vía a Quero, sector el Tambo-la Universidad, 1801334, Cevallos, Tungurahua, Ecuador


The strawberry cultivar (Fragaria ananassa) has an important growth in the central zone of the country, a plague limiting the production are the mites of two spots (Tetranichus urticae) and for its control there are predatory mites of the genus Phytoseiidae, so it is important to identify them taxonomically, the individuals were collected in sectors of the Juan Benigno Vela parish (-1.309276,-78.685041), Leaves of the mulberry and strawberry plants were taken from the upper, middle and lower thirds; These samples were taken to the entomology laboratory of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences of the Technical University of Ambato for their corresponding analysis. For identification, the protocol proposed by Linquist and Evans (1965) was used, The taxonomic characters evaluated were the following: length of dorsal setae (j1, j3, j4, j5, j6, J5, z2, z4, z5, s4, Z4, Z5, S5, r3 y r1), presence and length of macrosetas in the legs, length of the calix of the spermatheca, distance between the bases of the sternal mushrooms, length of the fixed and mobile fingers of the chelicerae, length and width of the dorsal shield and of the ventral, sternal, genital and ventral shields. A stereoscope LEICA SAPO was used for the investigation and a phase contrast microscope LEICA DM 1000 LED, after reviewing and comparing taxonomically, individuals belonging to the genus Phyllodromus and Neoseiulus were found

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nov 19, 2018
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